Ethics in Neuroscience

Ethics is an important and delicate subject in any field, and this of course holds true for the field of neuroscience. It is so important and discussed so much that the word “neuroethics” was coined and has known to have been used as much as thirty-two years ago, although there is disagreement on the oigin of the word (Absolute Astronomy, 2010).

The ethical concerns of neoruoscience are large in number and stem from two major sources- there are the regular concerns that surround all medical research (is a drug or procedure safe, what to do if an abnormality is found in the course of research, etc.), but the larger concerns come from the effects of manipulating the brain itself, what some think of as “the connection between mind and brain” (Absolute Astronomy, 2010). These neuroscience specific issues are what will be examined in more detail on their individual pages.

Page by Nick Howard


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